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I have tried many many other business over the last 15 years, I have money with a few and lost money with a few before making HUGE money with It Works!  Here are the most important things I have learned.

The most important things to consider when picking a business to join:

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1. It must be on an upward trend

It Works! Global is the fastest growing Direct sales company! We are an Inc. 500 fastest growing private company. Most other MLMs are on the decline, it's much easier to ride the wave than fight the riptide!

2. Product availability 

Having a product that is completely unique and ONLY available through an It Works! Global distributor is key! Why try and sell candles or makeup that you can get at any corner store? Our Body contouring wraps and other products are 1-of-a-kind, people literally seek you out to get their hands on them. 

3. Company behind the product

While companies like Mary Kay have recently cut commissions paid to distributors, and companies like Herbalife are currently under federal investigation for fraud, it's nice to have an option like It Works! Global. It Works! is privately owned by 2 people and is 100% debt free! There are no shareholders demanding higher profits, and the owners truly care about helping distributors change their lives! 

My Husband and I with It Works Global! Owners in front of one of my team training's!

My Husband and I with It Works Global! Owners in front of one of my team training's!

4. Picking the right team

I cannot tell you how many times people who did not sign up with me came to me later asking for help because the person who sponsored them either doesn't have time to help, or has no idea how to build a truly successful business. Just because your cousin/ co-worker / neighbor sells it, doesn't mean you should trust your financial future to them! Join my successful team today!

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5.  Comp plan

I can sit here and try to explain this one to you, but having been involved with 5 of the other "most popular" MLMs before joining It Works! I can tell you without any hesitation that we have the most aggressive and lucrative compensation plan out there! You will be shocked at how fast you can promote and start making life changing income! 

6. Ease of sales

Seriously, who wouldn't want a product that makes them skinnier in as little as 45 minutes with lasting results?!!  We sell products through home parties,  1 on 1 appointments, and though social media! We have a loyal customer program that gives huge incentives to your customers to stay as  customers thereby boosting your paycheck! If you think you wouldn't be good at sales, think again! I have foolproof easy ways to get it done!