My Story:

In 2007 My husband Sean and I were doing great, we were settling into our new house, Sean’s career as a building contractor was taking off, and I was happy in my position as a Credit Manager for a major pharmaceutical company. We thought our lives were sorted. We had weekends to hang out with each other, we had nice cars, and,


Being young and married with no kids yet, we thought we were living the American Dream, a heavily LEASED, BORROWED, and MORTGAGED American dream. Then a few things took place that would change everything,

1. I became pregnant

2. the bottom fell out of the economy

3. I came down with SEVERE postpartum depression 

Having been through the dot-com bust and layoffs of 2001, we felt we could make it through the current bad economy, and we were just scraping by, but the second wrinkle rocked our finances and marriage to the core. After the birth of our first child I had always planned to return to work, but after just hours in the office on my first day back I had a complete meltdown. A meltdown to where I was literally hiding under my desk crying. The next year is pretty much a blur of doctors, medications, therapy, crying, fighting, stress, and financial ruin. My condition of Postpartum Depression kept me out of the workforce so long my job was no longer there to return to. I felt so guilty about our situation that I was always on the lookout for a way to help my family get back on track. I jumped head first into several MLMs,  all of which cost me more than I ever made from them. Needless to say this gave my husband a bad taste for the industry.

6 months after the birth of our second child,  my husband took a short term construction job in the Middle East. While he was there I was introduced to It Works!. I had no Idea the ride I was in for. I offered to host a party, and the response I received after just sending out the invitations meant I HAD to jump into this business. I didn’t tell Sean that I was signing up, I took some of the bill money we had borrowed to pay bills and bought my kit. About the same time Sean had told me over the phone that when he got home that I would have to return to some sort of work because my disability insurance was running out that month. I had been receiving $1800 a month and without it we could not put food on the table. I worked my butt off for the next 30 days, borrowing $$ from family to buy wraps for parties and lugging my 2 kids around to opportunity meetings. My first check when Sean got home was $1,800!!!!

Guess who’s not leaving her kids at daycare!

Fast forward a year later, my income reached a point where my husband could retire! Now we work the business together and he is home creating memories with our 2 kids that are worth more than money could buy. I use my 15 years experience in the Multi-Level Marketing industry to help my team achieve the same freedom my family has.

We had spent so long learning to suppress our dreams because we saw no way of ever reaching them, that it took a bit of re-learning to dream again. We are now living the dream!, not just of physical things, but of the family time and memories that will no longer be clouded by the financial stress of an uncertain future!


I am on FIRE!!!! Join me TODAY!!!!

I am on FIRE!!!! Join me TODAY!!!!