Are you a winner?

No team in history that has made it to the Super Bowl, sat back and said “just getting here was good enough”. No matter what the odds, or what luck or circumstance got them there, they fight past every blade of grass down that field giving everything they have for every last inch.
      This is our time!
   This is the start of the 4th quarter. We landed our selves in the big game. You know who you are, you are either on the field as the A team, on the sidelines due to lackluster performance or injury, or brand new to the team just taking it all in.  No matter where you stand now, your team has blazed the trail, worked out most of the kinks and grown a fan base for you to feed off of. The team momentum is moving forward,  we have the strategy and circumstance to win the game, it just a matter of whether or not your name goes in the history books as a key player with a bright future.

    If you are on the sidelines, lets get real for a minute. You haven't carried your weight, your excuses have become bigger than your why, or maybe your just haven't admitted to yourself what your why really is. You may be injured because you didn't stretch and prepare yourself properly, or maybe took an hit and you let something, some person, some circumstance, some life event bring you down. You didn't take to heart the coaching you that was given to you, or maybe it was a bad coach to begin with. You are sidelined  because of your own measure of self worth, or because your negative influence on the team has slowed the pace. 

Now is the time. Look deep in your soul and say your excuses out loud. Listen to how they roll off of your tongue. Now look at your children, your spouse, your cat, and say your excuse out loud. Tell them that your injury has kept you off the field, tell your Mom, your Dad, your Pastor how you have it harder than any one ever has. Tell them how no one in your situation has ever been able to change the world.  


Look at yourself in the mirror, look in on your children as they sleep, hold your spouses hand and kneel in prayer. Realize that no matter what your situation, there has been someone before you, someone way worse off than you, someone who overcame more obstacles than you will ever face, someone who fought more insurmountable odds and despite all that, literally changed the world for the better. 
Now is your time!
Put your game face on, ask God to give you the strength to do what others won't.  Realize that the only thing holding you back from your God-Given potential is you. Put yourself back in the game and give yourself the credit you deserve. You are here, you are not in the stands, something in your soul brought you onto the field. Cast your cares and your doubts to God and fight a good fight. Don't look back, what happened to get you sidelined no longer matters,  You injuries are now healing, your fears are being conquered. No one on that field cares what put you on the sidelines if you are willing to walk back out onto field and rip it up. Remember what took you out, only so that you don't let it happen again. In the game there is no room to be negative, no room to bitch about the past, you must focus solely on the task at hand and know that you don't reach victory without first taking your ground inch by inch.

        If you are new to the team just, walking out in our uniform for the fist time, Now is your time! Put your blinders on and do not even glance at those on the sidelines. Someone sitting on the sidelines will try to bring you down so that they have company. Someone in the stands will try to draw you out of the game completely and join them in the stands or on the couch so they have someone to listen to their excuses. Learn from those on the field. Watch the ones doing the hard work. Take everything they do and take it to heart. Follow the subtle nuances of their strategy as well as their hail marys. Watch and learn from them with a thirst that can't be quenched. Learn what works, and what can work better. As you are stepping onto the field, respect the ground work they have laid for you, but do not be afraid to shine. 

Now is our time.

If you are a starter on the field, you know what it takes, you know that at this point, giving anything less than all you've got will haunt you for the rest of your life. 
Now is your time. You are in the line-up because you listened to your coaching, you learned from your own mistakes as well as others. You woke up earlier and stayed up later. You made the temporary sacrifice. You inspire everyone around you. You have felt pain only to build up stronger. You don't let set-backs define who you are. You have a fire burning inside that even when people attempt to douse your flame, the spark stays lit and you muster all you have to bring it back to a roaring blaze.

When the last second ticks off the clock, and the winner is proclaimed, (and we WILL win),where are you going to be?
On the couch watching from home having left the team long ago? 
On the sidelines having offered nothing to the team leaving yourself with an uncertain future? 
Or on the field in the celebrating, holding the trophy of a life intentionally well lived. 

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My Husband and I on stage in St. Louis for earning the $50,000 bonus!

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